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Zones of economic development

The zones of economic development are situated in the west part of the town in a neighbourhood of the planned ring road which connect the road No 44 from Oświęcim (Auschwitz) with the road No 28 from Wadowice. In the first stage the following sectors of total area of 33 ha will be created:

  • G-1 sector: 7,6 ha
  • G-2 sector: 4,8 ha
  • G-3 sector: 4,8 ha
  • G-4 sector: 15,8 ha

In the next stage, it will be created:

  • G-5 sector: 15,0 ha
  • G-6 sector: 20,0 ha
  • G-7 sector: 10,0 ha

A profitable location of large areas of economic development (Górnośląski Okręg Przemysłowy, Cracow, Bielsko-Biała) in the neighbourhood, is conductive to a production and services development. Totally, it is about 5-6 mln of inhabitants in the nearest transport range. Several connections of communication run across Zator: east - west direction: Kraków (Cracow) - Oświęcim (Auschwitz), north - south direction: Katowice – Wadowice - Andrychów. A distance to cities:

  • Kraków (Cracow): 40 km
  • Katowice: 45 km
  • Oświęcim (Auschwitz): 16 km
  • Wadowice: 14 km
  • Andrychów: 18 km

The zones are situated nearby:

  • the A4 motorway (junction in Chrzanów) : 20 km
  • the junction of national road and railroad: Oświęcim (Auschwitz) – Kraków (Cracow)
  • a water – way of Upper Vistula connecting Śląsk (Silesia) with Kraków (Cracow)
  • the International Airport Kraków (Cracow) – Balice
  • the Airport Katowice – Pyrzowice

A strategic aim of the project is an active and directive counteraction of social and economic marginalization in region and an investment level increase in commune, using a comprehensive fitting of area located nearby the planned ring road and next, by concentrating the service and industrial investments in that region.

Cohesion of the project:

  • Development Strategy of the Poviat of Oświęcim
  • Development Strategy of Voivodeship Małopolska
  • National Plan of Regional Development in years: 2004-2006
  • National Strategy of Regional Development

Attractiveness of zone:

  • a complete fitting and profitable shape of area
  • good conditions of investing
  • nearness of large market and source of resources
  • an applied system of concessions and encouragement for investors
  • a perfect transport accessibility
  • a low price of the ground

Location in territory containing trades restructuring programme of:

  • mining
  • steel industry
  • agriculture

Project support and surroundings:

  • an application of reductions in receiving the local taxes for those who undertakes an economic activity
  • creation of economic development programme
  • creation of free area development conception
  • promotion and development of West Małopolska
  • maximum of grants utilization

General aims of the project:

  • an increase of commune attractiveness and economic potential
  • an attraction of investors from other communes
  • forming the image of the town as a beneficial ground for investing
  • activization of commune inhabitants
  • development of the enterprises, an increase of a local production potential
  • life standard increase
  • an increase of accessibility and transport conditions
  • transport costs decrease
  • an increase of investment using comprehensive grounds fitting
  • concentration of production and services in an appropriately prepared area

Population in a productive age, included in the project:

  • Małopolska: 60,7%
  • Poviat of Oświęcim: 61,6%
  • Zator: 62,5%

Realization of the project has an influence on a development of West Małopolska region and first of all, it will contribute to a socio – economic development of commune - Zator and also of the neighbouring communes of Poviat of Oświęcim and Poviat of Wadowice.

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